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Secure Payments via PayPalThe Beechworth Sweet Co. offers you a secure method of online purchase via our PayPal shopping cart. 

Shipping and handling is charge at a flat rate of $16.50 per total order. This will be added to your invoice.

The Beechworth Sweet Co. Order Form

CHOCOLATE Per Bag Quantity
Milk Bullets 189g $6.50
Dark Bullets 189g $6.50
White Raspberry Bullets 189g $6.50
Chocolate Snakes (milk) 226g $6.00
Milk Choc Aniseed Rings 187g $5.00
Milk Choc Rasp Jellies 219g $6.50
White Choc Raspberry Jellies 219gm $6.50
Milk Chocolate Peanuts 216g $6.50
Milk Choc Honey Cashews 163g $7.00
Chocolate Honeycomb 279g $6.00
Mixed Rock 209g $6.00
Mixed Boileds 209g $6.00
Original Raspberry Drops 209g $6.00
Humbugs and Bullseyes 209g $6.00
Aniseed Humbugs 209g $6.00
Raspberry Drops 209g $6.00
Choc Filled Mixed Boileds 209g $6.00
Watermelon Rock 209g $6.00
Eucalypties 209g $6.00
Shocking Mixed Sours (Summer) 209g $6.00
Cherry Apples 209g $6.00
FAVOUTIRES Per Bag Quantity
Mini Musks 253g $5.00
Mini Florals 253g $5.00
Fizzoes 217g $5.00
Peanut Brittle 234g $6.00
Sour Lizards 197g $5.50
Dusted Jelly Babies 197gm           $5.50
Raspberry Twists 150gm  $5.00
Cherry Apples on Sticks 141g $6.50
Army & Navy 142g $5.00
Gummy Bears 197g $5.50
Black Cats 197g $5.50
Honey Bears 197g $5.50
Spearmint Leaves 197g $5.50
Mixed Mega Sours 107g $5.00
Wine Gums 197g $5.50
Fruity Bon Bons (Mix) 206g $4.50
Soft Eating Licorice 325g $5.00
Caramel Kisses 236g $5.00
Witchitie Grubs 197g $5.50
Red Frogs 197g $5.50
Bassetts Licorice Allsorts 164g $5.00
Jersey Caramels 239g $5.00
Sherbies 195g $5.00
Redskins 195g $5.00
Black Jelly Beans 308g $5.00


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