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At the Beechworth Sweet Co you will find something to delight all tastes as well as gifts for all occasions.

We work hard to source the best Australian products we can find. We also import quality and popular brands from America, Europe and especially the UK.

That means we have sweets for everyone, including old fashioned candy or lollies that you may not have found for years.

Our boiled sweets and lollipops are Australian made. You can make up your own speciality chocolate box from our divine range of chocolates and truffles. We make our own fudge in the store every week. Read more about the flavours and variety we offer in fudge and nougat.

And there’s so much more. For a visual selection of our confectionary and non-confectionary gifts please visit The Gallery.

Fudge & Nougat

It’s easy to understand why fudge is so popular – the sweet, creamy richness comes in a huge variety of flavours.

At the Beechworth Sweet Co we make our own chocolate, double chocolate, caramel and chocolate caramel fudge in store. Cookies and cream, lemon and chocolate orange are also popular. In Autumn our fudge apples are a specialty…and walk out the door quickly. We regularly feature our Fudge of the Week on our Facebook page and you can taste it when you come into the store.

Nougat is another favourite – sweet and lighter than fudge, it’s a combination of whipped egg whites and sugar, often with chopped nuts.

We stock caramel nougat, vanilla almond, vanilla and apricot almond. We are pleased to advise we also offer the most sought after nougat flavour - cranberry pistachio nougat.

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Boiled Sweets & lollipops

Boiled sweets were first made in the late 1890s and one of our manufacturers has been making them since 1901.

They are made by master confectioners who honed their skills, recipes and secrets to produce the genuine flavours of a by-gone era.

Among the most popular are aniseed humbugs, black crows, butterballs, chocolate filled mixed boiled lollies and traffic light sweets. We also stock watermelon rock, raspberry drops and eucalyptus and honey drops among many more.

You almost can’t imagine all the different lollipops at the Beechworth Sweet Co. We certainly can’t list them all here…but we’ll have a go:

Umbrellas, rosy apples, frogs on sticks, twist pops, all-day suckers, mini all-day suckers, mega all-day suckers, giant cherry apples, colored lollipops of all sizes… and the list goes on.

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Chocolate & Truffles

Pure indulgence….that’s what the chocolates and truffles counter offers at the Beechworth Sweet Co.

With favourites such as the White Chocolate Champagne Truffle, Dark Cointreau Truffle, Praline Butterfly, Midnight Mint and a Warm Continent, there’s something to tempt every chocolate palate.

These are available in a variety of flavours for lovers of milk, dark or white chocolate including nut, praline, soft and fudgey centres.

You can make up your own speciality box with a selection of Australia’s finest chocolates. Why not introduce your loved ones to new tastes or spoil them with their existing favourites.

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